Analog (FILM) Photog(raphy) - film developing process photographed (series of images)

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My weekend is exactly is in the middle - one day of it I spent already for many different kinds of activity which I have no time to deal with them during the regular weekdays. The last thing I finished right now before started writing this post - I developed another black and white Ilford HP5 120 film that I expose today. The roll is in the "drying" room now and the negatives at the first glance look very contrasty and clean. But I will know and see better when will scan them.
This post is some kind of guide of how I use chemicals, darkroom tools, and photography storytelling how the entire process looks like. There are tons of very accurate explaining videos on Youtube, some of them are very interesting to see and to use as film developing process studies.


As I wrote already a few times in my different posts, I started my way in film photography when I already photographed with DSLR. Everything that I know I learned on the Internet - from numerous blogs and some explaining well videos on Youtube. My process timeline is already stable after some small changes I did during the developing process. I still learn the process.


The film that I show in this post about my regular developing process was Ilford Delta pro 400. I exposed it as ISO200 with one of my favorite Medium Format cameras I have - Fujifilm GA645 and processed it as 400 ISO film in Kodak d-76 developer as you can see in the image below.


Ecofix is Fixer that I use already few years and it's working well for my needs also the price is also suitable.


I'm trying to stay as much as possible very close to 20C during all the parts of the process. These Patterson measuring tubes are very accurate and precision and accuracy are very basic pillars of chemistry.


The recipes for every film and the chemicals I use as usual I take from the The Massive Dev Chart that is perfect in terms of the information.


The formula for the developer and the film I used for this post is :

  • Ilford Delta 400 D-76 1+1 400 14 14 14 20C
    and it's saying the names of the current film and developer, dilution of the developer, ISO of the film, or Exposure Index - the ISO that we decided to use during exposing this specific roll, duration of the developing process (14 minutes), and finally the temperature.


Film washing is very important. And in the end, i can open the tank and look at the celluloid.


Now you see the exciting part of the developing process - the moment when I see the results for the first time and my heart beats anxiously every time I'm developing film and i happy that I don't get usual to such a magical process of creating something by hands.


The place of drying procedure should be clean and dust-free as soon as possible, otherwise, you will find some far-space debris of dust.



And finally the camera.


Let me know if you loved this kind of post, explaining the process and its simplicity.

Here we go. I just created this Analog (FILM) Photog. I'm still learning the community managing process, so please be patient. And we also need your help - so don't hesitate to join even if you don't use any analog camera. Sure you will find some special stuff photographed by amazing photographers with their Film cameras.

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