Analog (FILM) Photog(raphy) - an introduction (post i).

Everything has its time, so this post that I planned already a long time ago, but life is busy, and this post is just an additional "project" that was much less prioritized than my regular doing.

Every day I met people here in the virtual world connections and in real-life, who surprised and shocked by the fact that film photography is still alive.
The question they ask me also surprises me as well. "Is it possible to buy a film?" "Is it possible to develop negatives (and positives) these days?" "Someone still sells film cameras or repair the broken ones?"

The answer is YES to all these questions. The worldwide analog (film) photography community is huge and it grows day by day. Same about film photography stores and the laboratories processing the film - developing Color and BW negatives and slides, scanning them, and also printing in the old way of darkroom photography printing.

One of the biggest web sources about film photography is Emulsive that is active in the everyday manner where you can find one of the most popular everyday newsletter Guest blog post "5 Frames…" - different unknown photographers contributions with the short story about some roll of film exposed with 5 frames-samples. Guides, interviews, reviews, experiments, projects and one of the most important - THE EMULSIVE GLOBAL FILM LAB MAP where you can find the closest to your film laboratory with a simple search by the location - 334 labs in 56 countries are available in this database.

In my next posts, I will recommend some different sources of great inspiration to try this wonderful slow photography type of taking pictures. Actually somehow I can put it on a par with the revived love of music records - but the difference is that film photography is not only about buying old mechanics or automatic cameras but also indispensable use of them.

Please JOIN the Analog (FILM) Photog no matter if you have a film camera, or digital, or polaroid - it is important that you love photography and it does not leave you indifferent. Tell your friends about this community and share it with another photographer. We heed your help to grow this place up.


This image i photographed with the pocket Ricoh GR1s camera that is always with me in my pocket. Film ilford Delta 400 developed at home.

Stay safe
Stay alive
Stay free

Yours @victorbz

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