Is an app the solution to fight Covid19?

Is an app the solution to fight Covid19?

Yesterday there was an Covid-app presentation in the Netherlands.
Seven apps, six out of them use bluetooth. If I may believe the news the presentation of the apps was messy. Important is people's privacy (one app was more like a patient file and even asked for the bank account), not each presentation went smoothly plus it's unclear how/where the info is stored/taken.

According to the minister of health privacy should be guaranteed, just a phone number will do and if you remove the app all info should be removed.

This app should be the help to a lockdown exit. Strange if you take into consideration other countries do well without app plus since March 24, 2020 the number of infected people is decreasing and so is the number of people on IC. They talked about letting go of restrictions in parts of the country where hardly anyone became ill.

To make an app successful at least 60% of the people have to use it.
I assume those people will not hard to be found especially not in areas where more people are infected, after weeks of spreading fear and the fact after only a week people already behaved as if their life came to an end.
Those suffering from anxiety, depressions because they can not go out, the elderly people will be using it at first.
The minister could not say how people using the app will react. I can... we will treat each other like lepers till the moment we are one.

Does the minister/government, really believe the people buy the "privacy is guaranteed" story?
All phone numbers are registered (fight against terrorism), each phone has a chip and can be found, location switched on not needed.
I learned apps are never completely removed, neither is the info. Computers, phones are filled with all kinds of info no longer needed but still there and
the google play store knows what you installed (once).
I learned too bluetooth seldom works smoothly and apps ask for all kinds of permissions on phones they do not need to function.

What the developers of the apps avoided to tell is what more information is used from your phone, where all the info will be stored, for how long (probably forever since the minister said this is our first pandemic - not true -), etc.

I do not believe the app is a faster way out of a lockdown.
The virus is there and it will remain, mutate or something new will be spread on us to control us, our lives.
People who has to stay in quarantine break the rules, so do those who celebrate, go to religion meetings, the travelers, etc.
This app will change the society more as any illness will do and more apps will be invented to check and label each other.

Is an app the solution to fight Covid19?
Our PM said the new society will be one of social distance anyway plus the "greatness" of modern online life became finally reality in a very short time. Just like all the other agreements the world leaders made and paid for.

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