Can the WHO be trusted?

Can the WHO be trusted?

The lockdown gives me a lot to think about these days.

I read all kinds of articles about what keeps doctors, scientists, the WHO, the people busy.
I am not really interested in the media of their opinion. It's clear they do not have any and ventilate what the nog boss wants us to know.
By now it's clear Bill Gates loves the communist and especially one world leader.
If you really believe he cares about the poor, the increasing poverty you are wrong. Just like some others, he cares about his own wallet and most of all power.

The WHO is not different.
We know who owns it and their advice has nothing to do with caring about health. Just some facts to make you wiser.

In those countries where they really care about the more vulnerable people (elderly, sick) in the community there's no total lockdown, and... the amount of infected and dead people is way lower than where this is the case.

The WHO does spread false information.

The WHO "ordered" to stop vaccination programs. This will increase the number of people getting ill or dying and... Illnesses who nearly disappeared in some countries will be part of the society again (interesting fact: 5% of those infected with measles dies which is a way higher percentage as those who die of the coronavirus).

The WHO (this includes governments) did not once say we have to take better care of ourselves. We need to eat more healthy, fat people need to lose weight. Instead, they need for food increased just like poverty did.

As a result of the lockdown restrictions over 30,000 people a day die of hunger!
Even more, people die because of depressions (suicide), stress, etc. How come the WHO doesn't care about all those people dying and only focuses on this type of coronavirus and doesn't give a damn about all the other viruses and illnesses so many suffer from?

Doctors/specialists who know better, ventilate their doubts, are removed by (social) media and governments.

It is not the first time the WHO was terribly mistaken.
Many paid the price for their blunders and way more will.

Is it time to say goodbye to the WHO?
The high amount of money paid by countries to this organization could be invested in those who really need it. Good information, health care, healthy food, etc.

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