How Were @risingstargame Valentin's Special Edition Earnings?

How Were @risingstargame Valentin's Special Edition Earnings?

The third seasonal NFT minting is finally over. The cards that were minted had much better stats than the previous two seasons. I was not able to find myself any of these NFTs from RNG. I could have bought some cards straight from the market. I might actually do that in the future.

S14 Romeo Has Some Good Stats For The Price

This is after a major price crash since the season is all over now. Let's not forget the number on top. We are looking at something ultra rare. I won't go into too much speculation. But it has the chance of being a great investment.

Instruments That were Minted

At these prices, I'm not very interested in buying S15 Love Machine
or S16 Heart Beater on the market. It doesn't look like a great deal when purely looking at the stats. You can make purchases for speculative reasons.

  • I Got One S15 Love Machine Card

  • I Got Multiple S15 Love Machine Cards

  • I Got One S16 Heart Beater Card

  • I Got Multiple S16 Heart Beater Cards

  • I Only Managed To Get S14 Romeo From A Pack

  • I Only Managed To Buy S14 Romeo From Market

  • I Was Not Able To Participate In "All You Need Is Love" Mission

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