How Well Do You Understand Zero Knowledge Proofs?

How Well Do You Understand Zero Knowledge Proofs?

Zero Knowledge proofs are cryptographic techniques that allow one party to demonstrate to another party a claim without disclosing any information on the claim itself. Strong privacy protection is provided by the prover's ability to demonstrate knowledge of information through interactive or noninteractive ways without revealing what that information is. I have not seen any cryptocurrency project using an interactive form of ZK proofs so far. Let me know if you know of any.

Learn The Basics

The second video is the most beginner friendly and you can send it to your friends who are wondering about the technology behind ZCash, zkEVM chains, PIVX and many other privacy related projects. There are different types of Zero Knowledge proofs such as SNARKs, STARKs that are being used by a various project with each having its pros and cons.

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