Can You Explain Why HIVE-Engine is Going Down Recently?

Can You Explain Why HIVE-Engine is Going Down Recently?

There are occasional hiccups for a project that can create a bad user experience. HIVE-Engine has caused an incredibly transformation on HIVE taking it from decentralized blogging to a powerful blockchain with some of the best DAPPs in cryptosphere are built on. @splinterlands beats every single DAPP in Daily Active User counts on many days if you have been looking at statistics.

HIVE-Engine Problems Today

As a heavy user of HIVE-Engine it is not great to see these fails. We are against multiple billion dollar tech juggernauts. It is not an easy task and what we have on HIVE is easily the best of its kind on Earth right now. The problem is that these problems are getting more frequent.

The Same Happened on December

We have seen HIVE and HIVE-Engine handle more activity before. If anyone can explain what happened, I would greatly appreciate the knowledge. Any resource or comment will help many users to understand what is happening :-)

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