Chess kingdoms. Supersede (10)

Chess kingdoms. Supersede (10)

several main social models can be distinguished:

  1. traditional society, which is characterized by strict social structures and Faith
  2. industrial society - characterized by the development of bureaucracy and a decrease in the influence of religion on people's lives
  3. post-industrial society - is based on the widespread use of information technologies and the growing role of science and education
  4. modernized huylocracies - elite hi-tech, total lies and propaganda; religion and alcohol - to the bottom, drugs and palaces - to the top; theft of budgets, technologies, copyrights; poѱ, bad taste, chauvinism, genocides, terrorism, political repressions
  5. multicultural society - receptivity to cultural diversity and multilingualism
  6. global society - the growth of interaction and dependencies between countries and regions

Chess kingdoms - one of the models of society is based on the concrete price of life, competition without tales of equality, impunity, full legalize

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  • drunkards || in pharmacies by prescription

  • army || colonizers

  • the valuelessness of life || $1 mln

  • majority || dictatorship of reason and professionals

  • bureaucracy || voting machines

  • election || drakoniad

  • at home || islands

  • law || in each demi-kingdom

  • protection || aikidization

  • what would you like to change?

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