I am extremely happy to see the title for this week. I am happy for two reason. 1st this is good opportunity to write a little about my village and 2nd this is a good opportunity to share some good pictures as well.

I live in a village in the southern most tip of India. I was born and brought up in this beautiful village by the sea shore of great Indian Ocean. Its a fisherman village with 80% of the family engages in traditional fishing. My grandfather was a traditional fisherman and my dad is a seaman and i am also a seaman as a sailor. From my birth i was so bonded with the sea. I spent my childhood playing in the seashore and bathing in the sea. We get the most fresh saltwater fish. Some times the fishes will be alive till we take it to the home, that fresh. Its a village surrounds with trees and free of pollution and any factory and big tall buildings.


Now talking about the picture, In the middle, the building that looks like a cross is my church, the church where i use to go for every Sunday holy mass. This is not a very old church but about 50 years old. To the right of the church what you see inside the compound wall as white is the graveyard, that's where many of my relatives, friends and neighbors resting peacefully. Next to the graveyard what you see as red box is a small football ground, this is where many youngsters come and practice football. Below i am posting the separate picture of the beautiful church.


This is also the same place and church but in different angle and a far short. That building at the right end of the picture is our community hall and that's where all functions such as marriage function take place.

This village is so entangled with sea. This village and sea are inseparable. We have lost many life in this very sea. This sea have provided life to many family. The inseparable sea and the village.

Thanks for this community to give me a chance to write about my village. This is not just a village, but a part of my life and soul.

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