Sea and sunset - entry for sea photography contest, week 193

Fistral beach is the best place for sunset lovers in the area, because most of the beaches within Newquay are North facing.
For this reason I usually visit Fistral in the afternoon, because of the beautiful sunset views. Those pictures are from April. If I have to be honest, I was struggling to pick the best one for my entry. I like the silhouetted surfer on the left side of the sun, so this is my choice.


I will post the other pictures anyway, cause these views are worth it. The details like the golden glow of the water, the traces in the sand, even the small pieces of stone… I adore it!


People enjoy it all over the year as well! Next pictures were taken same day, but from various angles :)



Thanks to @marc-allaria for the great theme! I found out recently about this contest and I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate.

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