SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST - Week 165: Sea and Mountain

In terms of my love of nature, the mountains or the forest are just marginally better than the sea.

Because I grew up near the shore, mountains and forests are still more appealing to me, despite the fact that the area where I was born is a huge plain with no mountains.

When I chose to work in the coastal city of Da Nang, Vietnam, I was always drawn to the water.

Where the sea and the mountains are in perfect harmony.


It is difficult to locate a significant city in Vietnam with such great natural conditions.

It has a lovely beach with excellent white sand, a peaceful harbor, and is conveniently positioned near the city center.

It takes less than 10 minutes to drive there and be surrounded by mountains.



Almost every day, I spend a significant amount of time with it.

Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and SUP paddling are all options.

The photographs in this post were taken during those activities as well.

The nature of my everyday work is quite stressful, which is clear when I look to the sea to relieve my tension.

It's ideal for me to travel alone, where I can sit on the sand and watch the waves crash on the coast.

My worries shrink or vanish when I'm immersed in the grandeur.

It does not, however, vanish as quickly as sea water seeps into the beach after a wave:D.

I am also at the sea and in an empty place as I type these things.




Alternatively, I can engage in activities such as swimming and SUP paddling. The cool sea water relieves stress, and being active in the water clears the mind.

It is the only one that exists.

Da Nang has two bays, and I usually paddle SUP in the quieter of the two. When swimming, I enjoy riding the waves.

I normally swim out to sea, away from the shore and the crowds, and float with the waves on my back.

It's so peaceful that the sounds of the water are nearly primarily heard by the ears.

The same thing I do with Sup, which is to lie down on it and drift wherever the river takes me.








Cycling, with its many lovely mountain roads near to the sea and magnificent vistas, is the only way to combine both a love of the mountain and a love of the sea.

"When you ride a bike, do you think about things with focus or without thinking at all?" I once asked a brother in the group as we both pedaled up a slope.

"Cycling to concentration without thinking," he said.

I can sense it when we go classic seaside routes like Son Tra Peninsula and Hai Van Pass.

Locations where you can see a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

The majority of bike trips are silent.





Post for the #seaphotography by @marc-allaria

Thank you very much.

  • All photos were taken with my Samsung Note FE and LG V50 ThinQ phones on a daily basis.
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