Chris LeDoux Memorial Park - Kaycee - Wondrous Wyoming

The last tourist thing we did last summer as we returned from the coast was to take a quick stop in Kaycee, Wyoming, a surprisingly small town for a place that has been near to my heart since I first knew it was the home to Chris LeDoux, the Western singer that Wyoming is proud to claim.

(Note: It would be appropriate to refer you to my Chris LeDoux Musical Foray for background music as you look at these pictures and pay tribute to him with me.)


Going into the park is like walking on the sacred ground of any church cemetery anywhere. It's quiet, humble, and beautifully done by people who obviously loved Chris so much during his life.

The centerpiece of the park is this fabulous statue of Chris on his most famous rodeo ride - the one which won him the Championship for Bareback Bronc riding at the National Finals Rodeo in 1976.



The statue portrays the two things that Chris was known best for - his rodeo career and his singing... Hence, the bronc is atop a western guitar inscribed with words from one of his songs ("Western Skies") where he requested: "When I die you can bury me beneath these western skies." (of Wyoming.) - YouTube link follows below.



(Note: this album cover was almost certainly shot on/near his ranch near Kaycee.)

Below is a butterfly moth visiting all the impatiens. I never did get a good picture of it!



We miss you, Chris!

Photos taken by myself in August 2019 with my Pentax K30.

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