Actually I really like birds





I actually wanted to take pictures of birds that were around me but I would never get one, because he lives in the wild and he always flies in the sky.

Hivers friends, do you also like birds that live in the wild? I really like it and am very amazed, when I'm below setting foot on the earth I usually look up and find a bird flying from below he looks very small. I really want to see him up close but I rarely look closely. I've always wanted to see it by looking at pictures on the internet. indeed the photographer who took the bird's photo was very lucky to be able to find a very beautiful bird. But sometimes I want to go abroad because abroad there are so many birds, for example in Barcelona there is a vlog of Indonesian YouTubers artist I saw he was very happy because he was on vacation there and visited an area where there were a lot of birds. when can i go there, dear?


I have never seen a bird above sea water like this, this moment is very rare dear because usually birds are afraid of water but this is a very good show,

does the bird drink water dear? I think birds also need to drink, so if they are thirsty and see water, I think they will immediately perch to find water and drink water.
don't forget you, dear, to drink lots of water too because water is very important, at least a day spend 2 liters of water or 8 glasses dear.

But I'm also a person who rarely drinks water. I also like to drink bottled water that tastes like milk or other flavors. but I usually wake up immediately drink water, dear. you too right?


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