Seaphotography contest 135 - Solitude

I stumbled upon a contest and I have the perfect picture for it. No because it's a true winner, but because it's a fitting picture for my current situation!

There seem to be plenty of contests floating around on the Hive blockchain, which is pretty cool! I don't have a clear view of them all yet, but I'm going to try to participate in a few. I'll also check out interesting challenges later. It'll definitely help with some inspiration for new blogs.

Anyways! Sea photography is the topic, this is my entry:

Portugal Albufeira Playfulfoodie

That's not me in the picture by the way.

I took this picture when I was on vacation in Portugal, Albufeira. Ofcourse this was before the covid thing. It was a relaxing vacation with lots of eating out and doing nothing (okay, a few days of exploring). The sea was beautiful and this image just shows exactly what we were there for, mum and I. To get away from it all, find some peace and quiet, relax and let nature do its healing work.

We had our own vaction home outside of the city where you would basically see no one. There was a private swimming pool and even though the water was quite cold, it felt really luxurious! We even managed a swim now and then. Me being all brave and having to slowly getting used to the water for a couple of minutes... Oh well!

We were both quite tired from work and were so happy to have this vacation time away from it all. Sometimes we all need a little solitude and what better place to find it than in nature?

I'd love to be back there now, but vacationing in a time with hospitals overflowing doesn't seem right. I also feel vacation should be a time where you feel free and with all of the limitations on daily life right now, it's really not a vacation time. So although maybe I could use it, I'll wait until such a time where we are 'back to normal'. Although I don't agree with everything that 'normal' entails, as we're living way too large (and stressful). So I'm not sure I want to step into a plane again, making Portugal just a little out of reach. But a relaxing vacation doesn't have to be so far away!

For now though, I feel lucky to have my home with a big garden to work and relax in.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you like the picture!

P.S.: The picture above is created by me and not to be used anywhere without my written consent.

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