Shooting the Double..

The following images were taken at a studio in Lincoln and feature Lauren-Mae-Callaghan.
The first was taken in 2 pieces, but has been touched up in Photoshop so I'm not adding in the lightpainting community.

The first shot, the silhouette was taken in darkness in front on a large hexagonal lightbox. The softbox flashed and the silhouette was exposed. The lens was then capped. The second shot after some pre-arrangement was then exposed with Lauren sat on some clingfilm (to add more reflection) holding christmas lights. As above I have worked this hsot a little so its not 100% completely straight out of camera..


The second shot is a standard shot, same post as the first but with a pastel filter added afterwards..

Christmas Lights.jpg

Equipment Nikon D5300 16-85mm lens

If you like my work I can also be found on Instagram under username neilru75

Thanks for looking

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