Spotted street

I have always been attracted to spotted shadows, but before, I seemed to be afraid to take such photos. About ten years ago, like many photographers, I was squeezed into one genre, where I was shooting only landscapes and architecture.

Then I did not even know about such a genre as street photography.

Earlier I tried to capture reality as it is. Sometimes it turned out beautifully.

Now I am doing the same thing, only I began to see this reality a little differently, that is, much wider.

It's just that the response in the consciousness began to evoke many times more fragments of reality than before.

And the reality has remained the same.

The scenery in our dimension has not yet been radically changed.

It seems that you can shoot an infinite number of such scenes.

But no. If you stand in one place waiting for the perfect composition with a person and chiaroscuro, then skip other locations.

You need to constantly move.

And if at one point nothing has grown together, then move on to another.

This is not a genre where you have to wait a long time and measure out something.

Here everything is decided by the reaction to a passage from life, which you see at a given moment in time.

It turns out that such a genre is available only to conscious people?

After all, if you do not live this moment in time, do not feel it, then reality for you will be as if covered with a veil.

There will be nothing to capture. Or the shots will be as boring as possible.

It turns out that photography, especially in the street genre, develops conciousness.

Photography generally develop you a lot!

For example, creative taste, ability to think and even write.

The good news is that now I can shoot anything and the opinion of others will not be able to influence me.

This is a certain level in creativity, when criticism can be perceived only from a photographer or a connoisseur of a higher level.

No, I'm not arrogant at all and is open to any criticism, it's just that the degree of its influence has different strengths.

When you know how the frequencies, the angles of perception of reality are arranged, then such a concept as the influence of criticism is erased in general.

All that remains is the acceptance of the prism through which a person sees this or that photograph of me. And by the way, there is no good or bad...there is only a fact that can be accepted or not.

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