Autumn in Vologda 2021

Why does everyone love autumn? Of course, everyone is attracted by the yellow foliage on the trees. I don’t like September, because it’s not a bright yellow month, but a dirty green-yellow. The best state of nature can be observed at the very end of September or early October.

I like late autumn most of all, when the leaves on the trees are gone and the first snow is about to fall.

In autumn, everything is fine: rains, mud, gloomy sky, low sun and long shadows.

This is the perfect time to get creative. It is not for nothing that classical artists loved early spring and autumn, mostly late.

For example, Savrasov or Levitan loved to depict scenes with muddy roads after autumn rains or spring thawed patches. But in terms of the type of image creation, I stick more to the work of Korovin, who painted literally in spots.

It’s strange, why did photography suddenly begin to capture scenes perfectly licked with retouching?

This is the same means of creating an image, only we photographers go a little different way.

And if photography obeys the same rules as painting, then, therefore, it has the right to be like a painting.

This means that I can capture all the same views as classical artists.

After all, we still have broken spring or autumn roads, old huts, thawed patches, cozy courtyards.

The artists were great documentalists!

But I have already repeated many times that I came to everything myself, thanks to my own feelings and experiences.

And only in recent years I have been trying to scientifically confirm my feelings, finding information in a variety of sources.

So far, everywhere I turn out to be right.

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