Drone video captures the beauty of Towen beach, Newquay.

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Thanks to all you lovely folk on Hive I was finally back in the air, flying my new Mavic 2 pro!

After helping me raise some funds to put towards replacing my stolen drone, I scraped together all I could and purchased a 2nd-hand Mavic 2 pro.


Even at a cost of £750, the Mavic 2 pro is worth every penny and is an upgrade from the Mavic pro I previously owned. Apart from a few features the main difference between the two drones is the upgraded Hassleblad camera.


Shooting in 4k, and able to capture images at an impressive 20 megapixles, this camera is simply awesome.

So, with a huge grin on my face, I say thank you to all of you who helped me get my wings back. And now with an even bigger grin on my face I introduce my very first video, captured at Towen beach, Newquay.

Unfortunately, I could only edit this video in 1080, but as soon as my new cable arrives which allows me to download the 4k footage from my drone to my phone, I will bring you even more stunning recordings. Nonetheless, I think the beauty of Towen Beach morethan compensates for the reduced video quality.

Hope you all enjoy watching this short video as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Thanks again Hive bloggers, you're simply the best!

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