Daily Giveaway 10 CTP and Tips for the first 10 comments - Day 7

Hello everyone, welcome to my CTP Giveaway which will be held daily and the winner will receive 10 CTP tokens.

To participate you will just need to leave a comment saying which account you want me to send the prizes if you win, an example would be @wazock which is my account.
After leaving the comment you will already be participating in the giveaway. I will leave more instructions like until what time the comments will be accepted and how the giveaway will be held below.

Rules to Participate

  • Post a comment saying which account you want to receive the prizes if you win the giveaway.
  • Comments will be accepted until this post is 23 hours old.
  • Upvotes and following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.
  • The site used to select the winning comment will be the Hive Random Picker.
  • After the site selects all comments I will manually check if they are all included and I will remove comments that were made after 23 hours

Pretty simple, don't you agree? but hope it still has a bonus for the first 10 comments.


  • The first 10 comments will be tipped !CTP (0.30 CTP) and !PIZZA (0.10 PIZZA).
  • I hope you all enjoy the giveaways and feel free to use your earned CTPs however you like.

Good Luck to All!!

Giveaway Day 6 Winner is @hoosie

Prize: 10 CTP

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