Hive Content Promotion Playbook v1

I publish a weekly newsletter called @HiveToday. I've gone through 23 iterations of it, tweaking the content and the promotion strategy. This is my content promotion playbook. It's intended to be a living document, to be updated over time.

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Writing the post is only the first step. Promoting your content is a must, to help readers find it.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Write and publish the post
    1. Choose up to 10 relevant tags. Some folks browse content by tags, and can find you that way.
  2. Reblog the post.
    1. If you published into a community, reblog makes the post show on your personal blog. This is the same as PeakD's "Include also in my blog" setting.
  3. Cross-post your post into other relevant Hive communities.
    1. Some folks browse Hive content by "My Communities", and can find you that way.
  4. Post on micro-blogging sites
    1. Tweet the link to Twitter followers
    2. Buzz the link to D.Buzz followers
      1. Include an image
    3. Post it on Torum
      1. Include an image
    4. Post it on
      1. Include an image
  5. Share the link on discord.
    1. Check servers for dedicated channels where it's okay to link drop.
  6. What else?


Crafting images for blog posts and micro-blog posts

A popular tool for creating images like the above is Canva. Canva is an in-browser tool which makes it easy to combine text, logos, and free photographs together. It is free and quick. You can save your designs and easily reuse graphics uploaded prior.

Thanks for reading!


P.s. What are some unique things you incorporate in your content promotion strategy?

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