Are You On Topic


I get it, In this wonderful world of Crypto currency and the freedom that the Hive Blockchain gives us all and the fact that just for writing a few words there is a great chance that you will receive some sort of currency that you can then transpose into very real spendable currency, is a blessing and one that should be embraced.

Choose your content wisely; make sure that you post your content into an area where it is received the best. Keep your content in the context of the place you post it.

There are some great communities out there that will just love your post on Fried banana and will reward you handsomely; there are some great communities that love your posts on waterlilies in a lake on a hot summer’s day. They will reward you well.

When I go to a certain community, to read content on the topic of that community, I want to see content that’s appropriate to that comm. unity. Seeing content that is not contextually appropriate can be disarming, disempowering for that community and discouraging for those wanting to participate

Get over it they say, just move on, you don’t have to look at the posts that are not on context, - Sure, I can do that, but will it encourage me to continue visiting that community, that’s is the question.

If I go to a Jazz club and get confronted by Line Dancing, time and time again when what I want is Jazz, then I will simply find a different club to go to.

It’s great to see so many really good posters posting excellent material and I enjoy reading those that stay on Topic so keep it up.

I urge people to post as much as they can ‘On Topic’ and hopefully it will discourage those posting about their hot bananas in a group on Investment (unless of course it is about investing in Bananas) or in a group about crypto currency or in a group about Affiliate marketing and or business.

Don’t get me wrong I like Bananas, but when I want to see posts on them I will go to a group whose context includes Bananas.

And Yes I get the Irony that this post isn’t just in a group that loves #Rants. However, the context of this post is inclusive, and I believe appropriate to all.



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