New ListNerds Token Updates

There has been some big news with ListNerds in the last few days that are going to have a huge effect on the platform and token in the future. Today I will cover three of the biggest ones from my perspective.


There was speculation that it was coming, and it is here. LISTNERDS tokens now have a new use case. People can now buy a subscription using not only HIVE, HBD, and Fiat but now also with LISTNERDS tokens!!! This is a huge gamechanger for the token.

The cheapest paying membership can now be paid in ListNerds costing 894.157 LNs. Depending on the Bid/Ask spread, you could also save some crypto here, so it's no wonder there are new buyers entering the market.

The top-level membership is Enterprise and can now be bought for 3212.341 LNs. Based on my current stack of ListNerds that should be covered easily each month. This should also be easier now for those who want to pay for their subscription from their ListNerds earnings.

These prices of course can vary depending on the daily exchange rates, so that is something to bear in mind.


The other big news is the decreasing inflation of the token to 15% annually. This means that the scarcity of the token is going to increase. Combined with the new use case, this could cause an increase in the price in the future.

At its peak, I earned 1613 ListNerds for a verified mail, but my last verified mail earned just 257 ListNerds. This is an 84% reduction in the inflation in the space of just under 3 weeks. The inflation break has been pulled hard and I expect it to continue to decrease until it reaches the 15% level.

Buying cheap ListNerds tokens now could be the bargain of the summer. (Not financial advice). I am sure glad I've been keeping the majority of my tokens staked as the long-term benefits could be huge.


The CTP team is not finished there, they are also working on improving the reputation metrics in ListNerds to take in more important factors so you can build up your reputation and make it easier for users to select which emails they want to read. There have been some resets while this is being tested and we are seeing how how the different factors might be working. This is a valuable feature that is great that the team are paying close attention to.


These are all welcome changes and will help the ListNerds platform grow further in the future. I am really excited about using ListNerds and seeing how it is developing.

If you are not a user of ListNerds yet, use my link to sign up below and give it a try.


Screenshots taken from source unless otherwise stated.
Title image created using image source and CTP promotion materials from the discord channel.

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