And another special day - All about numbers!

Earlier today I wrote about my 5th Anniversary Celebrations with Hive. While I was thinking what an amazing achievement this is, and patting myself on the shoulder for it, I opened my Listnerds account and saw a hefty little payout for today.
Let's just say that it was more than what I made in a week when I still had my last job. And I didn't have a very bad salary there...


numbers game.jpg

I was already thinking of my next 'Manifestation' post, (which come to me all day long by the way. I could write about it 8 hours a day!) and I had just thought of writing about angel numbers, or master numbers, or whatever you may want to call them. Then this thought hit me: I'd turn my staked Listnerds stack into one of the craziest Angel number this world has ever seen! Haha, I'm so full of myself. No, but really. Those numbers are pretty darn cool, even if I say so myself.
And it's only possible once. So of course, I had to screen shot it!



Here, I made another one, for a better look at it.


And finally, the bigger picture. It stands out, doesn't it?


I took the names above me out because I don't just want to post something like this with the names plastered all over it without their permission


By the way, this amount is not what it showed when I checked my account. I unstaked a little to make it like this. If I ever have anything like it without manipulation, then I'd be all over that.

And you know I'll do the same when I get around the 22,222 mark, right? 😆

However, I believe 100% that we make our own luck in lots of ways. And that we can manipulate life in certain ways to get more 'lucky'...
So for one day only, this is what shows up for me on my staked Listnerds section, and on the richlist.
I just made it to becoming number 8 on the richlist.
Which is pretty cool since it's my favorite number.
I like it for its 'infinity'...
So I wouldn't mind it at all if I'd stay a number 8 forever.
Of course, I had to be quick taking this screenshot, because there's a good chance I won't stay there long. A few people right behind me hehe. No worries, 8, 9 or 10, and 11 are all great numbers to have!


I wasn't going to write another 'Listnerds achievement' post until the 8th because that's when I'll be part of the Nerdie gang for 3 months exactly. But, come on, this is just too cool to skip lolol. Right?

I thought so.


No Wasted Opportunities

Anyway, I won't let the opportunity get wasted though, and will give you a little preview of what's to come in my Manifestation series.
Plus, I didn't want to be too much of a shitposter by just showing off my ones...
I prefer to actually make it mean something.

Numbers are a very big deal. If he were still alive, you could ask Nicola Tesla. He'd agree. Or any scientist to be honest. I'd say most would agree...
Most devs will tell you the same.

You may already know all this, or you may have noticed certain numbers show up in your life constantly.
Like 1-1-1-1-1, or 111, or just 11. Or maybe for you it's 2s or 3s you see more often.

All of them have a meaning. And it's basically the universe giving you hints of what's to come, or of what's already happened, in some cases.

It's not really a crystal ball or anything like that but gentle, little nudges to tell you that you're on the right path. Or not.


I have loads of writing material to write enough posts to keep you entertained regarding Manifesting your Dream life. Hoping not to bore you all to death haha.
So one of those future posts will be all about numbers, and how they influence our lives.

Probably not the very next one but it'll come soon.

But for now, I've already said too much.
You're just going to have to read it when it's ready.

Until then: Have a Great Weekend!

bye text.png


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