Focus on Your Vital Function(s) --Delegate or Delete the Rest!

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Do you know what your Vital Function is? It is the thing that you do best and probably enjoy the most.

When I started my My1440 project I needed a logo. Had I spent the time to try and create one it would have pushed me weeks even months back in getting the project off the ground.

I was able to get a great recommendation to a graphic designer on Fiverr from @jongolson! It took a matter of a few days at most to get the logo done. It saved me a ton of headaches and frustration and TIME!

I am not saying don't learn new skills. Not at all. And as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs we need to do just that.
However, get the stuff done first that needs to get done, delegate what you're not as good at or don't want to do and dump the rest that isn't productive.

Here is a great program with a 30 Day plan that will help to improve your productivity every day.

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