#MyHiveGoals - HF24 Tried To Kill My Week...Kinda!

Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

I was really scared to look at the numbers this week...

...There was some 'sketchy uptime and downtime' because of the hard fork.

Still, I managed to show up every day, and only missed one post this week....

Not bad, and I hope things get working properly again soon. There always seems to be issues with these hard forks, and I think it did go over smoothly...But any downtime sucks!

I hope HF24 was worth it, everyone that's smarter than me seems to think so! lol

Let's see how we did this week....

100,000 Hive Power

Like I mentioned, next week is gonna be lower than normal as a few missed opportunities to create and curate because of the hardfork...


100,000 - 84,508.515 = 15,491.49 left to go!

I'm still amazed at this!

A few really good weeks of cheap Hive prices and generous upvotes from the whales and I'll be SO close!!!!

Next week, I'll be under 15,000 Hive Power left to go....Absolutely amazing!

25 Rewards Per Post

I'm taking my stats from now on directly from HiveStats.io

I get WAY too confused grabbing numbers from multiple sources....So we'll take my author rewards and divide them by 7....

And that comes out to...


Ummmm....39.19 rewards...Per post??????

I'm a little confused, because it looks lik I didn't just pass my goals...I crushed them.

I'm not going to jump for joy too much yet....But still, judging from the snap shot above...Just wow!

10 Dolphins In The CTP Swarm


@bradleyarrow is about 100 HP away from 'unofficial' Dolphin status!!!!

This is absolutely remarkable!

And thanks to the regular updates from @achim03.ctp we can see all the growth of the tribe as a whole...As well as the @ctpsb project too...


If you guys are a part of CTP...THANK YOU!

But more importantly, please let me know how I can help you...Anything you need, let me know!!!

Note: I'm sending 10% of the author rewards in this post to support the @ctpsb project!


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