Staying the Course on HIVE, Means Upwards

It's already that time where it's the middle of the month and I post my progress on the HIVE blockchain and a bit off of it with my email marketing.

It seems like most of 2022 has been about dealing with negative markets and their impacts, the dredges in the crypto space, the politics and on a personal nature, my own mental and physical issues dealing with unexpected challenges.

Luckily, I deal with these impacts negative or positive with my very soon to be wife Tiffany, our journey under the orange lights to always maintain the best possible health and fitness despite the last two years of hellish proportions and of course, HIVE.

HIVE without question has been the bright spot throughout this year. I've had a solid run of daily activity since February 2021, although I've been a member since August 2020, I always point to the true and real activity since then and this year being crucial to my having something that actually is beyond positive, as I remain steady with my activity on this amazing blockchain.

Unfortunately, we are ending the year with the FTX debacle.

I myself, had a few cents in a few of the exchanges including FTX, but nothing that would be of concern. I'm loyal to HIVE and never feel uneasy being on this blockchain as when I've had a bigger stake in Coinbase most notably. I've basically removed all those apps and had already pulled out whatever I had at Coinbase when regulation was getting stricter.

As they say "not your keys, not your crypto? and I take that to heart, because it's one of the hardcore lessons when you get into the crypto arena.

For good reason, I don't need the stress of having a bigger stake in any of those exchanges; so I'll stay away from them for the most part if not entirely.

One of the most frustrating things for me and being in the United States is the challenge of buying crypto anymore. I used be able to do my buying from Coinbase to Hive-Engine and it was so simple.

Then things got crazy and my bank and credit card company's including Apple Card just disallowed any crypto transactions, so I work on just building by earning it and hopefully a simpler solution will be created for me to get back to purchasing tokens on HIVE including HIVE itself.

Honestly, things are getting tougher with prices sky high and all the bills to maintain our home and to make sure my fiancé Tiffany's kids are well taken care of. Not to mention, the huge need to have cars in Florida and so on. It's fucking rough out there. I do work fully remote, which helps circumvent some costs. No guarantee, that will last.

So yes, I started this post with a negative tone, but it sets up the full post to end at a much higher note.

I mean, Tiffany and I will be getting married in a few days. Very simple thing that will include a road trip just Tiffa, her boys and I. Eloping is more what we are doing. We've already done the marriage thing in our pasts and at our age, not necessary to spend on frivolous shit. We've been together for a long time now, so it's like we are married anyway, but making it official.

Also, we are back to our workout routine with some struggles, but we are readjusting what we used to do before the car accident and dealing with the permanent injuries accordingly. But, we are on grind mode and ending the year putting in the work.

But, what has me jazzed up is, despite the bear markets and the negative news surrounding this industry - HIVE RULES!!!

I continue to grow without any setback with my numbers. It's just solid and steady growth.

I just show up everyday and remain active and HODL!!!

Nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering, nothing unique. Just good old fashioned consistency and faith in this community.

I remain excited, but humble about my growth on the HIVE blockchain:

The growth in the last fifteen days is consistent with every 15 days this year. Nothing stops and nothing bottoms out.

I'm always going to wish that I could be much further ahead, but I can't dwell on that.

It's looking real good for me to get to 4,000 HIVE POWER before the year is out. Giving me a clear goal to 5,000 in 2023.

I've pass the 200,000 ListNerds mark, over 2000 with my LEO POWER growth, which I regrettably started to emphasize much later into my time on HIVE.

Also, super pumped about my quick HBD growth. It feels like the jump from 500 to over 1000 was real fast.

As far as my very limited email marketing, because something had to give; I still managed to get another 18 subscribers the last 14 days.

Not bad and the my list itself is nearing 300 subscribers:

If I can end the year with 300 plus subscribers, I can work harder to MORE THAN double that in 2023. I have to grow a much bigger list if I want to bring more folks to join me on HIVE.

Pivoting my email marketing campaign to focus more on sharing info regarding CTP, ListNerds and HIVE and HIVE Dapps is still early and the numbers of subscribers are slower to increase, because so many are not sold on blockchains and crypto, but for just a few months into it, I'm still encouraged that it's also growing just like my HIVE numbers.

The revised Lead Capture Page I'm rotating off chain:


Let's Gooooooooooooooooo!!!

*HIVE Image in the Divider Courtesy of @doze

I'm an upgraded member and use the following services:


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