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Keychain is one dapp I used daily and the app make my hive experience superb. The app is available for web as well as for the mobile version. On web it is used as the extension in your web browser like chrome or Firefox and on mobile it is available as a separate application. I am suing the keychain extension on my PC form a long time. If you play the different play2earn games on hive blockchain then the keychain is one of the best extension which make your playing experience very smooth. Player get spare for entering the keys again and again and their is no need to keep remembering that what keys are required for which transection (keychain takes care of all this).

I am using the both mobile as well as on PC. The mobile app made the life smooth if you are using the Hive daily. Their are some dapps which required the keychain as one requirement, in build browser in mobile app make it happened to use those dapps on mobile. The recent update completely change the experience and new added feature made the experience more smooth, user friendly and exciting. The app is so useful and is must-have application for every user on hive. The team is working hard to make the experience more smooth and load the app with more features.

Keychain giveaway Contest

Keychain has initiated a contest and I too this great opportunity to share the experience and if I will be lucky will get the delegation as reward. Yes the rewards are awesome as they are offering 60K HP delegation to six people through Hive and X campaigns. Anyone can participate by following the simple rules. The participants need to perform a SWAP transition using the web browser extension or mobile application and then share the process. Participants are free to hare a blog post or a video to show the entire process. This contest for sure will attract the attention of many other users.

Lets SWAP Starbits and Starpro

To explain the process I have chosen the Starbits and Starpro token to swap. Both the token belongs to the @risingstargame and my wallet was desperately required the Starpro token. I am using the web browser extension for the swap transection. The first step is to open the extension.

The SWAP option is on right lower side, click on the same to proceed further.

Once you click on swap a new interface opened and here yo will find the option to choose the tokens you want to SWAP. I have highlighted in the below picture.

Start typing the name of the token this is the easy way to choose the token. I have chosen the Starbits in first selection. The first selected token will be the base token we want to swap.

I selected the Starpro token in next selection. The second selection is the token we want to be in exchange.

I am keeping the slippage to default number 5. You have to click on advance parameters to change the slippage number.

Click on the SWAP button and once you click on SWAP it will show the summery of transection and ask for the confirmation.

Click on the confirm and it will process the transection.

You can click on the SWAP history to check the part swap transections.

I have successfully converted the 200000 Starbits in to 0.032 Starpro using the SWAP function of keychain.

The process was easy and seamless. Before that if I have to convert the Satbits into Starpro, I usually sell them for Hive and then used those hives for starpro purchase. Here all of this is happened with few clicks. @stoodkev is the person behind the @Keychain project and I appreciate the efforts he is putting to make it more useful for Hive users.

Here is the link to official announcement for this contest, feel free to check the details. All are invited to participate and the winner will get the delegation as reward form the project. A big thanks to @stoodkev

Keychain Website-

What are your view let me know in comment section.

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