Ways to get $ALIVE tokens | Hunting Larry on Wednesday the 03 August 2022

Assalamu Alaikum! How are you all? Hopefully, you are having a fantastic time. I am fine as well, Alhamdulillah. Welcome to my post. In this post, I have talked about the following few things

  • Different ways to get $ALIVE tokens (Ongoing unfinished list)
  • Participation report for the Larry Is Alive contest
  • Invitation to join/try a few awesome programs/projects

Written by @hafiz34

Ways to get $ALIVE tokens

$ALIVE is the native token of the We Are Alive tribe on the hive blockchain. The tribe has another mining token known as $ALIVEM. Let us see how we can get those tokens. If I don’t specifically mention the mining token, the token talked about is the $ALIVE token.

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By posting and commenting

We can earn tokens by making a post that should include one of the 4 tags; #alive, #iamalivechallenge, #aliveandthriving and #larryisalive. If we get upvotes on the post by one of the token holders, we will get the author rewards after 7 days. It is a flat 50/50 split between the author (we) and the curator (token holders who cast vote). Similarly, if our comments under the posts containing those 4 tags get upvotes, we will earn the token after 7 days.

By curating (upvoting)

We can earn tokens by curating others’ posts containing the tags mentioned above, provided that we have staked tokens in our wallets. As I have mentioned above, we will get a 50/50 split. If our vote carries 10 $ALIVE rewards, after seven days we will get 5 tokens as a curation reward.

By getting tips

We Are Alive tribe has tipping features. $ALIVE token is one of the many tip tokens on the hive ecosystem. If someone makes a specific command in the comment of our post or in replying to our comments, we will get a 0.1 token!

By purchasing tokens

I think no explanation is required for this. We can purchase the token from Tribaldex, hive-engine or Leodex.

By delegating HP (hive power) to @youarealive

If we delegate our HP to the account, we can earn the tokens weekly. The amount depends on the amount of HP we delegate. Follow the account to learn more about it. Here is an example post You Are Alive - Weekly Payouts To HP Delegators #23

By delegating HP to @thisisawesome

We can delegate our HP to the account and earn $ALIVE tokens weekly. In addition, we can earn a bunch of second-layer tokens as well. Follow the account, the project run by @flaxz, or see an example post This Is Awesome - Weekly Payouts To Delegators #170 - Plus Prize Drawing

By participating in a weekly staking contest

Erik aka @flaxz, the mastermind behind the tribe, runs a weekly staking contest. If we stake our tokens in our wallets, we can earn dividends from 1000 tokens every Thursday. Follow @flaxz or the #AliveOnThursday tag to know more about it. Here is an example post #AliveOnThursday Staking Contest - Prizes Of 1000 ALIVE Tokens - July 28, 2022

And more (I will update soon In Sha Allah)

Larry Is Alive report

Here is my participation report for the Larry Is Alive contest on Wednesday the 3rd of August, 2022.

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In Listnerds
I have finished reading the emails required (10 emails) for completing the daily task on Listnerds.com.

Proof for today (Tuesday)

taken as a screenshot from the https://listnerds.com/

Invitation to join/try a few awesome programs/projects

If you are looking for an option to convert your $HIVE into $SWAP.HIVE or vice versa, hiveupme discounted bridge is the program I want to recommend. The exchange fee is the lowest in comparison to other similar services. It is only 0.1%.

Go and check for yourself.

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