My latest (07 May 2022) HP delegation outcome stat | POSH earning stat | LISTNERS earning stat |

Hello again! Welcome to my post. I am back with my HP delegation (out) result report after several weeks. I will also share my POSH and LISTNERDS earning stat.


My HP delegation (out) results

Due to the lack of time, I couldn't curate hive posts effectively with my tiny HP (hive power). According to, my curation APR was unsatisfactory. So on the 22nd of February 2022 I delegated most of my HP to three hive accounts.

  • 500 HP to @pgm-curator: To get daily liquid hive and weekly PGM tokens
  • 500 HP to @ecency: To get daily liquid hive and daily ecency points
  • 150 HP to @youarealive: To get weekly ALIVE tokens. On the 5th of March 2022, I increased it to 250 HP.

Here is the delegation rewards so far:

Month$HIVE (pgm-curation)$HIVE (ecency)$PGMEcency points$ALIVE
Feb 20221.1770.65440.462400.13344.542
Mar 20223.7382.68278.7481552.88391.612
Apr 20222.7433.093108.0151506.341314.172
May 20220.7970.72724.266351.98654.283
Total so far8.455 $HIVE7.156 $HIVE251.491 $PGM3811.34 Points804.609 $ALIVE

The value shown on the last month maybe less if the month is not finished yet

Total from delegation:

  • 15.611 $HIVE
  • 251.491 $PGM
  • 804.609 $ALIVE
  • 3811.34 Ecency points

According to the, 1 $PGM=0.04000010 $HIVE or 0.0311692$ and 1 $ALIVE= 0.00800002 $HIVE or $0.0062330

My $POSH earning stats

I am sharing hive posts to Twitter (my posts and post of others) and getting daily rewards from the airdrops of 400 $POSH tokens from @poshtoken

My POSH stats as follow

According to the, 1 $POSH= 0.05500000 $HIVE or 0.0429553$ (07.05.2022)

My ListNerds earning stats

I am reading mails daily and earning $CTP and $LISTNERDS tokens. Here is my stat:

  • $LISTNERDS stake: 296.905
  • $CTP stake: 3,014.652

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