LukeIsAlive - Luke Vanished

After I found Luke at Cup of Traffic, Luke disappeared from the map. Normally he moved to a new location but this time he is no where to be found. After the page did not reflect a location, I went back into ClickTrackProfit to see where he might have went. He is vanished. Here is the map to prove it.

Map with no Luke.PNG

Finding Luke Screenshots

Earlier today, I was able to start the Scavenger Hunt of finding Luke however I was only about to find Luke once. I started in Bluebarrow which was occupied by Cup of Traffic then rotated between Cup of Traffic and then Disappeared.

Start - Bluebarrow occupied by cup of Traffic.PNG
I started surfing at Cup of Traffic and surfed 47 pages. Luke then traveled to an unknown place that was no where to be found on the map.
Luke First Find.PNG

Campaign Tracking

With the shift in my campaign to Listnerds, I am using HitsConnect as my campaign tracker. I used the HitsConnect tracker so that I could see all of the various sites which I am receiving hits.

With two days into a new week so let us how everything is progressing, I have received 190 hits with 112 being unique. Overall, I am receiving 58.9% unique traffic at all sites. My highest unique traffic (sites with 10 or more hits) is 100.0% at There are two other sites with 100.0% but they both had less than 10 views each. My lowest unique traffic is 44.1% at Sea Life Hits. I received page views at seven different websites.

HitsConnect as of 01-25-22.PNG

Sites Advertised With Credits Earned

ClickTrackProfit - An Affliate Marketing Training Program

Start Earning Today - Several Programs from which you can earn Crypto

The Hive Guide - A Training Program for the Hive Platform

Traffic Exchanges Used to Earn Credits

Cup Of Traffic

Pistol Packing Mama

Boot Scootin Traffic

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