Changes To Your Vote Value On

I tonight's Thursday Night Live we made an announcement on the changes we have made to your vote value on

Here's the formula that you can find out how much your vote is worth on the platform:

Your Stake / The Top Stake X 10 = Vote Value

So to break it down, we'll use my account to determine my vote value (@jongolson)

(All information is provided on the 'RICHLIST' inside of the platform)

3133 Staked ListNerds / 11,845 (top staked by @jimmy.adames) X 10 = 2.64 Vote Value

What does this mean?

When I use my vote on ListNerds, I influence 2 things:

  1. The reputation of the sender, it can go up or down by 2.64 points

  2. The score needed to verify the email to receive LISTNERDS tokens. So example, every message needs a score of 20 in order to be validated, I can influence the score up or down by 2.64

There are a few reasons we decided to give this new model a try but the biggest reason, as we discuss in the video above...

The more LISTNERDS you stake on the platform, the more influence you should have on it.

We think this will allow more LISTNERDS to get distributed as the higher stakers of the token have a vested interest in it's success. So if they are voting on content, they will want only the best content to be rewarded!

So far, the numbers have looked promising but nothing is ever written in stone. At the end of the day, we want the members of ListNerds to benefit the most!

Let us know what you think and make sur eyou give the new vote value a try :)

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