The CTP Update - Sad & Exciting News From A Very Busy Few Weeks

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We've got a lot to go over in this update...It's been a very busy time here in the CTP community!

R.I.P. Cruisin

Our biggest supporter and number 1 token holder of CTPM and always near the top of CTP Rob Paris AKA @cruisin recently passed away.

This sadly was not unexpected as Rob has been battling cancer for a decade. Such a huge loss for our community and I did a brief little tribute for him last night!

Rob knew his time was coming and left CTP with a massive gift in his passing. He wanted his tokens to be put to good use to continue to support the community...So they have been delegated to the @ctpsb project.

Such a selfless act and showed the kind of guy Rob was! May he rest in peace but going forward, we will always make sure to carry his legacy with this tribe and community.

Love you Rob, thank you for being such a huge reason CTP exists!!


About a month ago we released @hivepay-io to the blockchain.

This was built out of a desire to not only provide entrepreneurs with ways to tap into this eco-system. But also to rid the world of traditional finance and get into crypto as a way to accept payments on your websites!


We've built an integration script for a popular membership site as well as developed an entire plug in for the WooCommerce platform.

And with Shopify being added in early 2021, things are looking great for HivePay!

If you own a website, blog or online business...Now is the time to integrate Hivepay into your platform!!

The Index Token

Launched about 48 hours ago, this little project has captured the attention of everyone in Hive-Engine!

The Index Token is designed to represent the top performing tokens in Hive-Engine and LeoDex. Just like an Index in traditional stock markets, INDEX will be backed 100% with the tokens it represents.


We built this for the every day crypto enthusiast that may not want to learn about 10 different projects on Hive-Engine, but still wanted some skin in the game. We think the INDEX is the best way to make that happen!

=> Be sure to check out our official announcement here!

@taskmaster4450 Joins Crypto Monday Next Week

We are honored to have Taskmaster4450 join us on Monday's show as we open up for some big discussions!

Tribes, tokens, blockchains and so much more will be on the agenda.

For those that may not know, @taskmaster4450 is the top content creator on the Hive blockchain and many other tribes including @LeoFinance

He's been a champion of the blockchain for years now and we can't wait to meet with him for an awesome night of Q&A and discussions....You won't wanna miss the show.

It streams live on Facebook, Twitter and of course, right here on @Vimm

Note the time, 8pm eastern on Monday December 7th!

So while this update started out with some sad news, we hope you can see we've got plenty to be excited for. And of course, without @cruisin we wouldn't even be here today with CTP!

Things are really getting exciting for the CTP Tribe....We hope you buckle up and enjoy the journey with us!

It's going to be an epic 2021!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

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