CTP - The Home Of HivePay & INDEX Token

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Welcome to all the new followers and crypto curious to the CTP Tribe!

We're the community on HIVE focused on:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And a tribe that supports YOUR passion!

We're huge fans of the blockchain that's why we introduced our entire membership to HIVE and have been working hard for almost 3 years now...To raise awareness of the immense potential and opportunities found on Hive!

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We like to practice what we preach so that means...We build things on the interwebs ;)

And a lot of you are coming to CTP for the first time because of two projects we've recently built...



The INDEX Token

These were created because we felt like both could add a ton of value to the blockchain but more importantly, raise awareness for the amazing use cases of Hive and it's developing eco-system.

Official introductions to each project can be found here:

Introducing HivePay & Introducing The INDEX Token

You'll notice they were both authored on the @jongolson account and that's because we felt it had the most reach and most followers...And YES, we do have the @hivepay-io and @he-index accounts as well...But we wanted to simplify a few things to keep you guys updated on all the progress and development we've been making...

So going forward, the @clicktrackprofit blog and account will update everyone on our projects;

  • HivePay
  • ClickTrackProfit

We feel it's a streamlined way to keep everyone up to date...But also, it's a little selfish too...

This past week, it became known to us that..Well...Not everyone knows about the CTP Swarm and community!

Even though it's filled with passionate creators and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, we've been so focused on bringing people to Hive...We feel it's time to bring Hive to CTP :)

So all official updates will be housed here on the CTP blog...And we'll make sure you guys are always up to date with everything we're building.

For those of you new to CTP, let's just say this...

Our community rocks! These are some of the most engaged and incredible people you will meet. A lot of us are brand new to the blockchain and it's our first 'go' at anything crypto related...But we believe it's the future of online business and entrepreneurship.

We're all so excited to be on Hive!

Here's what you will get from us:

  • Supportive votes on CTPtalk.com That means, if you use the CTP tag we've got a dedicated curation team looking to upvote YOU! We aren't shy with giving you a hefty vote or two ;) Be on the look out for the Swarm Squad and this image:


  • Engagement...A lot of it! Don't you hate when you make a comment on a popular blog here on Hive and get...Crickets for a response. Not going to happen here...We respond to almost every single comment you make. Questions, rants, raves...You take the time to comment, we're grateful it and we will respond :)
  • Regular Content & Updates! We're very busy, but never too busy to keep you up to date with everything happening with our projects. Especially something like INDEX. We will ALWAYS give you the goods, as soon as we've made any updates or changed anything...We want you guys to know, we're here every day...So the lines of communication are ALWAYS open.

Make sure you join our Telegram and Discord channels. We're always looking to get to know you and help you in any way we can!

And above all else...We're here to add massive value to the blockchain. Here's what's on tap over the next few weeks and months for us:

  • Getting the Shopify plug in ready to rock for HivePay. They are going to be letting new plug ins apply to get added in the new year, so that's a priority. We're thrilled to have WooCommerce in HivePay now, but think Shopify will open it up to everyone!


  • Monitoring the INDEX with our first 10 tokens. It's been 5 days now since it's launch and everything is working perfectly. We'll continue to monitor it and the reward payments every day...But stay tuned, as we'll be adding new tokens to the INDEX shortly. The goal is...To INDEX the market!!

  • As for ClickTrackProfit, we have decided instead of trying to hire out help to work on the CTPtalk condenser, we'll rebuild it ourselves. That's in our plan within the next few months. We continue to bring people from the online business world to HIVE consistently, and helping them get to know the blockchain with our training platform - TheHiveGuide.com


Wow....That's a lot of info LOL

So we won't be so long winded next time :)

Thanks so much for all your support for all our projects...We cant wait to work with you for the years to come!