My ListNerds Progress

Hello friends

I'm a ListNerd member for a while now and got some good results with it. Sure, I see other people who are more successful, but you have to focus on your own pace and possibilities. As long as you move forward, everything is good. I read the 'New ListNerds Token Update' from @mypathtofire a few minutes ago and thought it might be a good idea to write something about my progress.

I like that we can now upgrade with earned $ListNerds. That's really awesome and makes it a bit easier for many people and me. Sure, you have to wait till your tokens are in your wallet in the unstaking process.
I'm unstaking 842 $ListNerds so I get a bit out of it and can pay one of the upgrades with it, but I see now that it isn't enough for the Premium Membership.

I got enough voting power in ListNerds, but I know some guys have more. I also stake $CTP on Hive and have delegated around 1k.

Mail History

The results and the click-through ratio are unlike anything I have seen before and this is just me doing posts 1 or 2 times a week currently. Pushing Hive content with ListNerds is just incredible. I'm also checking the Inbox in Listnerds frequently and click the listed posts there. Engaging is also key here. When I can comment something useful on a post, I do and add a note that I came from ListNerds.

Look at these people from the richlist and the amount they have staked.

Good job, guys!

Join ListNerds

I will not say it is easy money to earn with ListNerds because everyone is telling you this online about his opportunity. But for something you can start for free and still earn, you should at least try. Join ListNerds now and upgrade!
I will send the first 5 people who comment their ListNerds usernames a 50 HP delegation after I prove the membership level. It doesn't matter which one you choose. If you want to join but stay a free member at first, that's fine too. I will send you some tokens then. Just leave a comment with your username.

Just new users who use my link above!

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Images and screenshots are from me and the ListNerds website

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