Facing a login problem on ctptalk new font!


hey yall I hope everybody doing fine I am making this post cause I'm facing a problem in logging in to https://www.ctptalk.com/ after it interfaces update I love its new look good @clicktrackprofit and ctp team it is easy to use interface but I am hoping that this error could be fixed soon so I can enjoy using it
now let talk about what error I'm facing.

when I try to login using hive keychain nothing is happing I don't get any approval option it not happing on other interfaces like leodex or on stemgeeks


that all it shows.

I like the wallet section but it would be great if there's an option to filter and also to filer reward from the author and curation as well as on staking and delegation


and ones again thanks for the update and for working hard to make ctptalk community thrive

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