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I've been publishing online courses and e-books for several years but I had always troubles with the companies that were hosting my products. Often they proposed a free service but later I had to buy upgrades when I actually got some students.

It was a dream for me to create my own platform where I could host my products and sell them to anyone I wanted without being limited by a third party. I also wanted to integrate crypto currencies into it and what is better that to use Hive where you have no transaction costs at all!

I've discovered a couple of months ago the plugin by @roomservice that integrates woocomerce on wordpress.

After a couple of weeks trying to set up the correct php version on my hosting, I've finally managed to put this shop online.

Pay virtual and digital products with Hive and Hive-Engine tokens

In my shop there are plenty of free courses but there are also some paid products. I don't accept fiat currencies. In my shop you can pay only with Hive or Hive-Engine Tokens. At the moment I accept CTP Tokens, Leo Tokens and Dark Engergy Crystals.

You can now pay products with your Splinterlands earnings!

I've worked about 10 days on this website and I'm sure not everything works perfectly and maybe not everything has the required quality yet. However I would be very greatful for any kind of feed-back.

If you want to test out the shop, you can use this 30% Coupon that will be valid until the payout date of this post: 9FSEYNUV

Here a list with the different virtual and digital products that you can find in the shop:


Online Courses

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