Have you said Dolphin ?

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Today I have the pleasure to announce to the Hive world that I've managed to crack the 5000 HP limit with my main account (@achim03) and I'm a dolphin now!

The funny part is how I got there...

I've been working on developing with content and curation and also with some side projects on Hive-Engine and other blockchains. I've been playing with several Splinterlands accounts and for that I'm using the brave browser. While playing, I was always clicking these ads that I find quite interesting but I never really thought about one question...

how do the BAT come into my wallet?

...Today I realized that I actually had to verify my uphold wallet so that I could get these tokens....

I've done it this morning and soon the BAT's came flying in... I mean the BAT tokens not the ones with the wings :-). I used these BAT's to buy Hive and managed to withdraw about 170 Hive that I immediately exchanged into HP.

I now have more than 5000 Hive Power and I'm very proud to be a Dolphin on this great blockchain!

My Hive Goals

On the 4th of june I defined my Hivegoals in the context of the challenge that @robwillmann has created.

TokenOn 4.6On 11.8Target NumberCompletion
Hive Power313550055000100%
CTP Tokens502795001000095%

I've reached my first Hive Goal and I will probably reach the second quite soon. My Tron targets are still quite far ahead but I have to admit that they are not really my first priority.

CTP Dolphin Swarm Update

Since there is a new Dolphin in town (hehehe), I'll need to make an update about the CTP Dolphin Swarm soon.

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