#BetOnMainStreet: 2-minute Interview with Owner of R.A.’s Ultimate Sewing Shop (Claremont, NH)

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2-minute interview with Rose, a small business owner on "main street" in Claremont, New Hampshire.

Rose's story includes both sorrow -- her business lost a major customer due to COVID, which represented 60% of their revenue -- and joy -- her landlord gave her two months free rent and she received a small business grant.

#BetOnMainStreet represents a grass-roots movement highlighting the need for each of us to support local businesses in our own communities.

Read the "Main Street Manifesto" here.

Bet on Main Street; Starve Wall Street

  • Boycott the Big-Box Stores, including Amazon
  • Seek Out and Support Locally-Owned Businesses
  • Pay Cash (or Crypto!)
  • Tip Big


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