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"Fund Your Hive Account"

Fund Your Hive Account - Without Taking Money From Your Own Pocket - Luke Is Alive Day 25

Here I talk about a few different ways in which you can easily fund your Hive account without taking money from your own pocket, plus I find Luke 1 time in CupOfTraffic.

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on Hive, CTPtalk and DTube.

Fund Your Hive Account - Without Taking Money From Your Own Pocket

In this video I talk about some easy ways to fund your Hive account without taking money from your own pocket.

Funding your Hive account with Hive Power (HP) is needed to cover your use of Resource Credits (RC) when transacting on the blockchain.

RC is used in every blockchain transaction that you make, and it recharges continuously in relation to how much HP you have, and about 25 to 50 HP is usually enough to cover all those needs.

If you sign up to Hive using HiveOnboard with my affiliate link,, then I will also send you a HP delegation that will cover your RC needs, though you need to stay active to keep it.

But if you want to fund your account yourself, or you want more HP to also earn curation rewards then you have some easy ways available to do so.

Start Earning Today

First we have StartEarning.Today and this is a funnel with easy to use services that are meant to not take away your time from what you normally do, but still earning crypto, and the funnel also have instructions for rebranding.

Coinbase Learn And Earn

Next we have the learn and earn program from Coinbase, you sign up to them and do a full KYC verification, and then you can take part in their program to earn crypto, if you live in a country where you are eligeble for it.

What you do is watch videos that usually are about 3 to 5 minutes, and then answer a question to each video, and you earn about $1 or $2 in crypto for every question that you answer correctly.

Here are also 3 invites that are still active, I suggest you take them since you might be put on a waitlist if you go directly.

Stellar Lumens XLM:



Paid Surveys

And finally we have paid surveys that pays you in crypto.

Doing paid surveys can take quite a bit of time, but if you are not able to take part in the Coinbase program above then this is a good alternative.

Compared to faucets or paid to click ads the paid surveys pays a lot more for your effort, and the key to be successful here is to be consistent and do them daily, and also to give honest answers, and the more high paying surveys will be available to you once you have been active for some time.

The programs that I would suggest for this is.

  1. Cointiply
  2. Timebucks

They both pay in crypto and have a nice amount of good paying surveys available, plus also affiliate programs.

So that was some easy ways to earn crypto online and that can be used to fund your Hive account if you so choose.

Enjoy Watching The Video!

Luke Is Alive Day 25

Luke is a very alive figure, he travels around in Listopia, and you need to find him so he can help you to build your email list, it's a Scavenger Hunt from ClickTrackProfit, see the Luke Is Alive Community about how the daily contest works.

Screenshot from CTP

This is Luke in person.

I Found Luke

So today I found Luke 1 time in CupOfTraffic after surfing 47 pages, and in the video above you can see a screenrecording of that.

This is a Traffic Exchange (TE) and it is owned and run by @russellstockley, and below is 2 screenshots from the start of my hunt and then finding Luke 1 time.



So that was my hunt for Luke for today, and in this TE I promote my LCP's for Mobile Cash Formula, which is my 42 day email course on how to create an online income in a mobile friendly way.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and watching the video, I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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