Jedi Mastery in List Building - Ready for Battle!


Hello fellow Padawans!

After all the training you've been through in the Jedi way - forging your Lightsaber (Lead Capture Pages), learning the ways of the Force (Autoresponder, Email Marketing), and how to sense Forces (Tracking and Analytics), I think it is time for battle!

It's time to generate traffic to your LCP's so you can capture leads, subscribers to your list!

The video is inspired by an infographic courtesy of @jongolson!


If you have a blogging platform besides HIVE, like a WordPress Blog, it's a good place to add a lead capture form on the side, something like I have on the CTP Blueprint Blog:


You can share your link through traditional Social Media like Twitter or Facebook! Twitter is still very active and on Facebook, you can always use niche-centered groups. Be mindful sharing or your link can get blocked.

Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers are another way to get some views to your pages in exchange of viewing other pages and emails.

Inside Click Track Profit you can check the Top Sites section with the most voted programs.

There is a variety of them so try a few and track and discard the ones not giving any results and move to the next.

Inside CTP Blueprint I have some that gave me the best results so far, but here are a few:

Just be creative, always have the goodwill of sharing your experiences through content creation either blogging or emails instead of just pitching. Pitch your journey first and then pitch your product (thank you @jongolson!)

Now, prepare yourself to Battle and May the Force be with You!

And that's a wrap!
Finally had some kind of closure to this series!
It was fun, especially I got really nerd and watched all the Star Wars movies! lol Need to go for the series now!
Hope you did enjoy it and helped you learn more about List Building in a more fun nerdy way!
All the Jedi Mastery posts were turned into emails and they will be added into automation inside my TrafficWave list soon!
You can also watch the videos inside Odysee or even inside CTP Blueprint on the List Building Blueprint inside the Guide!
If there's anything I missed talking about, let me know in the comments of you can always find me on Telegram or Discord!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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