How to be a Master Jedi in List Building - Forging the LightSaber - Visuals


Hello fellow Padawans!

Let's continue forging our LightSaber, our Lead Capture Page, this time let's choose the "light" or the color of the lightsaber.

Thank you @clicktrackprofit for sending an awesome letter with the CTP stickers, as well the CTP Mug ❤️

Even with simple things like a sticker you can create crazy yet cool and different videos and pictures that can lift your Lead Capture Page to another level!

Always show yourself so people can know you and after seeing your LCP for a while, like you, and maybe even trust you. Either with a video or a picture of you.

Canva is also a good place to get creative images and animations to give life to your LCP's.

Don't forget to check the Lead Capture Page lessons inside Click Track Profit!

May the Force be with YOU!


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