How to set a beneficiary for your posts on Hive

For several reasons, you might want to set a beneficiary for your posts on Hive.

What is a beneficiary?

When you write a post, you have the choice to decide who will recieve the author rewards of this post. Normaly the beneficiary of a post is yourself. However sometimes you might want to set somebody else as a beneficiary.

What are you giving away?

When you set a beneficiary, you will give away a part from the author rewards of the post. If for example your post value reaches 10$, then 7 days after publication 5$ will be paid to the curators and 5$ will go to the author. By setting beneficiaries to your posts, you have the possibility to distribute the author rewards. You normaly set it as a percentage. If you decide to give away 10% of the rewards, the beneficiary will get 10% of 5$ = 0.5$.

How to set a beneficiary for your posts?

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An example
The beneficiary of this post will be the new CTP Swarm Booster @ctpsb. 50% of the author rewards of this post will go to this account. Check-out what @ctpsb is all about

Where to check the beneficiaries of a post?

You can check the beneficiairies of a post on Just hover over the post value and you will see it pop up.


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