Air Pollution, a big threat to developing nations!

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India is a massive country, with so many different communities, cultures, and languages all blended beautifully. These blends can be seen easily in large metropolitan cities where people from across the country have to find work, passion, love, improved standard of living. But our cities are getting polluted more and more, especially the massive cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc.

While these provide massive opportunities for millions of people living in those but they come with a great danger. An invisible and deadly threat: Air Pollution.

Some of the major pollutants in the air are-

Particulate Matter (PM)

These are extremely small solid or liquid particles that are suspended in the air.

They are further characterised in two:

  1. PM 10: These particles have 10 micrometres or less in diameter. The extremely small sizes allow them to be easily inhaled and they can cause serious health problems.

  2. PM 2.5: These are particles with 2.5 micrometres ( or 0.0000025 meters) or less in diameter. They are even more dangerous and can even enter your bloodstream and cause serious health issues.

Dioxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen

They are emitted from sources like motor vehicles, industrial wastes, power plants etc. These are highly reactive in nature and can lead to many respiratory problems. People with respiratory diseases should not be exposed to these harmful gases, not just them... longer exposure to these pollutants has proved to be harmful that can lead to many cardiovascular or respiratory-related diseases.

Other pollutants

There are so many other pollutants like dust or other chemicals that remain in the air suspended for a long and exposure to these for longer periods can be harmful.

Now we know some of the common pollutants, I will come back to living in Cities. I live in Gurgaon (or Gurugram), one of the largest cities located southwest of the capital city, New Delhi. And the pollution remains at Harmful levels during the winter months. Low wind speeds and cold weather holds the small particles suspended in the air for a longer period.

Data Source

data source

Notice the PM2.5 levels? Very Unhealthy levels with AQI crossing 200 at night.

This is a state of emergency but the government doesn't seem to care. Yes, they take measures like stopping all construction activities and a few other minor things here and there but this has to be declared a state of health emergency.

No wonder my cough stays for a long. I don't leave the house for days but what about people who have no options? This is alarming. And it is like that for like 2 months every year. I am no doctor but I know this is a very slow death. I don't smoke but I am inhaling polluted air all the time.

It pains me to see this level of pollution, but we as a society can only change this. Can be become more conscious towards the environment. Rather than complaining and just relying on governments or some big entities to fix our problems not happening. We as individuals have to do our part as well.

Let's start with a few things:

  • Commute on public transport
  • Walking or Cycling to your work, keeps you fit and the environment clean. So, win-win.
  • Promoting Health and environmental awareness
  • Recycling is the way to go
  • Spend some time close to nature - this will help you get connected more on an emotional level and will help you drive stronger towards a cleaner environment.

This next quote sums up this post perfectly.

We are not helpless. We all have the ability to make this world a better place. We can start with small steps, one day at a time. ā€• Wayne Gerard Trotman

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