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Greetings MED-Hive community!


Hello everyone! We welcome you once again, to the Med-hive community Monthly Theme Reveal Post for Health Promotion, Awareness and Discussions. As this community's main objective, members have the opportunity to join and share knowledge, practical tips and answer questions about the theme of the month.

We've recently adopted some changes and talked over them on the last community update post. If you wish to know more we strongly suggest checking it out. We are still looking out for community feedback at this point. However, we have to be on the move.

One of the things we are starting to implement is the comeback of weekly prompts and it's going live already this month! We will still have a general monthly theme which is the purpose of this post as well as explaining how the following weeks will work.

We all want to learn and grow with this community this month, as we write about a chosen area of focus. Please, feel free to do as many posts as you want about the topic throughout the month even outside the weekly prompts. It is our aim to open health discussions regarding our topic and the more the merrier!

Medicine has myriads of things to write about, considering the different points of view from the various health professionals or even non-professionals, everyone has a health experience. Thus, you have the opportunity to glean from them and expand your horizons about our topic for the month, here on the wonderful Hive Blockchain.

Let's get the knowledge flowing, shall we?


The theme of this month is - VISION AND EYE HEALTH

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"The Right to Sight"

According to this longitudinal study from the Lancet Global Health magazine,

Many causes of vision impairment can be prevented or treated. With an ageing global population, the
demands for eye health services are increasing(...). The growing and ageing of populations have led to increasing numbers of individuals with moderate or worse vision impairment globally

This fact made the World Health Organization (WHO) and other institutions create several initiatives to address the problem. To enumerate just a few, back in 1999, WHO and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness created an initiative called “Vision 2020: The Right to Sight” and in 2013, the World Health Asssembly (WHA) launched a global action plan with specific goals in mind.

With this being said, the MED-HIVE community thought it is an important subject to discuss and more importantly, a topic to raise awareness about.

Therefore, it's now official the beginning of the month theme!

In the following days, we will launch weekly challenges with prizes to be won, so make sure to pay attention to the @med-hive account in the next couple of days! New good things are coming! Just to give you all a sneak peek of what might happen this month here's a summary:

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Throughout December we will be having 3 weekly prompts with the last week of December, from 26th to 31st, being a special week with Christmas and New Year's Eve coming up and good times with family and friends.

More information about the first weekly prompt will come out on Monday the 5th and the next ones will come out on their respective Mondays as well. Therefore, the 2nd weekly prompt post will come out on 12th December and the last one on 19th December, explaining the rules and the topic as well as the prizes at stake!

We really look forward to December being our best activity month so far, so let's go! Together!


We heard the community and we feel we need to reward the time it takes to make posts, including research, study and even sharing vulnerable experiences regarding sickness and impairments. We are looking for new ways to reward our dedicated community members, therefore we now will have weekly rewards as well as monthly rewards!

More information about weekly rewards will be available in each weekly prompt post. Get the dates on your schedule, 5th, 12th and 19th of December there will be a post coming out with everything you need to know to participate and get your fair shot at the weekly rewards!

For now, the monthly rewards will be

  • 5 HIVE for the best and most helpful med-post related to vision and eye health
  • 5 HIVE for the best non-med post related to vision and eye health


👉 To be eligible for the HIVE MONTHLY REWARDS you must: 👈

  • Follow the rules of the community
  • Do a post about vision and eye health between 00:00 UTC December 5th and 00:00UTC of December 31st
  • Subscribe to MED-Hive community
  • Join our Discord Channel and register if you are a health professional
  • Engage within the community through comments and supporting others
  • Place a link to your post(s) in the comment section below for us to be able to find it easily (please edit the same comment if you wanna share more than 1 post)

👉 All these steps must be followed in order to be eligible for the rewards 👈

We will take into account engagement levels, writing quality, level of evidence, readability of the content, relevance for the month's topic, creativity and if you followed all the rules. A post announcing the winner will be made in the first week of the next month and prizes will be distributed. There will also be honourable mentions with a summary of good-quality posts that we believe deserve your support and sharing.

Important Notes & Rules

Posts are welcome from everyone in and out of the community, everyone is welcome to join this prompt. What experiences do you have? What research can you share? Feel free to express yourself about this. Write your post around the focus area in a way that will:

  1. Enlighten the community.

  2. Equip readers to make healthy decisions.

  3. Correct harmful health practices.

  4. Encourage healthy practices.

  5. Create and promote necessary health awareness.

The post should contain:

  • An english translation if written in a native language.
  • If any external material or resource is used in the post, it should be well cited and ensure proper images tailored to your post are used and rightly sourced.
  • If references are used, place the link of each one at the end of your post, in a way it's easily accessible.
  • The use of the following tag: #medhive

Remember to engage with others' posts and let's make the community lively. Kindly share your post on Twitter with the #medhive and #posh tag. Make sure your account is registered, giving you the possibility to earn posh tokens and also spread the word of Hive to the community on Twitter.

Let's not forget the most important rule of all:

Plagiarism is not tolerated, you are solely responsible to confirm your information and source your references properly.

Join us on Discord

If you are a health professional (med-member)

Becoming a registered member is a way to ensure scrutiny of information and credential in order to keep our readers safe from harmful information. We ask all health professional members to join our Discord Channel so you can complete the registration process there and get your role assigned. We will be available if you need any assistance.

If you are a non-medical member

Non-medical members are also encouraged to join the Community and Discord. You will get a non-med role assigned and more importantly, you'll join in the fun! We welcome posts meeting the requirements of the community from you too.

Final notes


To help support the community you can reblog, comment, upvote or even delegate to the @med-hive community account, using the following links:

100HP | 250HP | 500HP | 1000HP

Also, you can join our voting trail and help us curate good quality content. We appreciate all the help we can get in order to reach out to more people that might benefit from our content and to properly reward our community authors.

Lastly, we want to appreciate the community admins, @jaydr and @blackdaisyft, and other members for their work and effort made for the community and for the benefit of all hivers.

Have fun and learn! We look forward to hearing from you all.

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