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A Medical Blogging Community on the Hive Blockchain


One of our main dispositions when we joined
Hive was to use our medical knowledge and training to help
people become more aware of their health and educate them
about harmful and helpful health practices
enabling them live healthy and
well meaning lives both
in the real world and
on the chain.



This is a development from the MED-HIVE series of medical stories and other Medical related posts on the chain teaching about certain health conditions for health awareness and promotion.

We implore all to post their related topics here, your knowledge, questions, observations, thoughts and experiences all are welcomed.

We see that Medicine is more than just the science of it, there is art, philosophy, history even psychology and much more that Doctors, Nurses and other Medical professional can share to throw more light on using this platform.

Aspiring Medics are also welcome to the community, get the best guides you need to forge on your career be it in the Clinic, Research, Tech or even the Blockchain. Share your thesis, project work or even personal assignments.
The future of Health care is on the blockchain,
here is a good place to start your journey.

This community is for everyone to learn and grow healthier.
Posts related to Medicine and Health care can be shared and read here.
A repository of knowledge on the HIVE BLOCKCHAIN.
This will go on to be a place where the Medical community on hive can relate efficiently on a WEB3.0 platform.

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Our plan asides enriching the community with Medical posts and sponsoring engagements among members of the platform is also to onboard as many people as possible from the #MedTwitter community and teach them to be consistent on the platform, these are mostly comprising of Doctors from all over the world.

With them joining Hive, that's much awareness of HIVE spreading to them and their colleagues and even their patients, soon we begin to have hospitals create Hive accounts and incentivize their patients with tokens for visiting them for medical check up, encouraging prompt presentation of symptoms... okay I think I may have started one of my futuristic runs, but all of these are very possible.


We also know that with the spread of these helpful post, more none hivers can join the platform just to interact and get answers to questions bothering on health as related to the post they have read.

All we plead is for your support and encouragement. It will go a long way for the community and hive if it gets supported and publicized.

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The aim of this community is strictly for public health awareness and health promotion and not for consultation or treatment. You would need to see your Doctor in your locality who should clerk you by taking history, do physical examination and properly investigate before safely prescribing needed medications if required. This community though encourages Telemedicine has no intention of becoming a Telemedicine outlet for now, maybe in future when the technology is available.

Please seek consultation for treatments here at your own risk

We will do our best to confirm members creating content as Doctors and other Professionals, but further discussion with them will be at your own risk.


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This is the community where Medical Professionals and non professionals can interact with themselves and the entire hive populace about the basic health needs, happenings and discussions around the professions.

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We also want to read about medical inventions, medical research ideas and how medical care can be improved in your station, hospital or even country.

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We shall be having areas of focus in our periodic editions or prompts. So there can't be a dull moment.
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You should also watch out for weekly/monthly quizzes and Health engagement posts. Promises to be exciting and very educating.


Newer ideas and developments are welcome from everyone as we go, but at this point, we'll love to show our immense gratitude to these Doctors on hive who have shown massive interest right from the thought.

@bhoa, @ebingo, @topdollar001, @jaydr, @draysax who also helped out with the community graphics, @drlins @kingdariusthe3rd, @drdums @drbubbles, @solland1, @drlilbell @olubukky, @koriemd @drceeyou, @akubillionnaire, @D1homid, @bbjmed @drbenzz, @galejandrovv and @sperosamuel15.

These are a few of the ready minds and hands who will be main contributors on the Community. More are welcome by joining the discord group.
Where you will be confirmed as member and role allotted roles based on your profession or non medical Member.


Every one is enjoined to subscribe to the community to keep posted on latest posts.

It is quite important that you are confirmed as member and your role assigned if you want to make posts. We have this privilege using the @peakd frontend. This is to ensure scrutiny of information and keep our readers safe from harmful information.

Non medical hivers are also encouraged to join the Community and Discord. We welcome posts meeting the requirement of the community from them too.


Please go through our rules and regulations to see, we frown at plagiarism, wrong information and NSFW contents.

We also do not encourage consult for treatment, it is strictly for the purpose of health awareness in forms of health education and health promotion. This is not a hospital. Once again we implore that you see your Doctor in your locality for treatment


We intend to begin a weekly medical prompt where we inspire write-up covering various core area of practice of medicine. Mainly Obstetric and Gynecology, Paediatrics, Surgery and Medicine, other sub specialities may show up along the line too.

We hope for more support and sponsor to coming into reward winners of quizzes (for medical and non medical hivers) and meaningful engagements. When this begins everyone will be carried along

A few post would be highlighted weekly for emphasis sake to share in case you missed them.

Contributors can drop more than one entry for each month's entry and engage meaningfully with others.

The post should contain English translation if written in a native language.

If any external material or resource is used in the post, it should be well cited and proper images tailored to your post can be used and rightly sourced.

We encourage to use the following tags: #med-hive as the unique tags of the community.

ENGAGING WITH OTHER AUTHORS IS IMPORTANT (commenting on other author's post and responding to their comments on your post).


Much appreciation goes to @dreemsteem , @mipiano , @mistakili ,@eddiespino, @nonsowrites , @bobthebuilder2 , @ksam, @shadowspub @simplifylife @guiltyparties, @starstrings01, @dynamiccrypto, @kenechukwu97 and so many more.

We also want to appreciate the @stemsocial community for supporting good medical posts until this move. We are glad to have their support here as well as we ensure our post meets the standard.

We have also reached out to @ecency and @curie and we believe they ll support the good move here.

We've had tremendous help from many other community members in starting up. We hope for more support and encouragement as things progress.

If you do love this project, we need you to help by commenting, rebloging, upvoting, tagging friends who are medics or non medics, share it as far as you can. This little acts will go a long way in supporting us.

You can also show some support by making HP delegations or giving this comment a vote.
100HP, 250HP, 500HP, 1000HP.

This is the official @med-hive community account. Thank you so much for having us.


Images and logo designed by @draysax
Dividers by @peakstudio and @jacobtothe
Gifs by tenor.

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