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When I first saw this week's medhive weekly prompt, my mind chuckles, I got the feeling of oh, mine what an epic topic for discussion. I think you know why already, every single woman can relate to this, we all have a menstrual story.


To be honest, my dread for menstruation aka period aka a monthly visitor started even before my time began.

I remember this aunty in my neighborhood while growing up. The kind of pain she does experience whenever she is on her period will make anyone around her wish never to have anything to do with having menstruation.

You will see her rolling on the ground like a baby who lost her candy. Because of her situation, I usually pray mine will be different when my time comes.

I also have this friend whose period comes each month without any form of discomfort at all. I guess she is among the lucky ones. Some of us aren't so lucky I will say.

Fast forward to the day my elder sister called me inside her room to educate me on how to take care of myself when my time comes only that she never mentioned the pains part but of course I knew about menstrual pains from ladies around me. So I can forgive her for that. Not everyone is even lucky enough to have someone to educate them and prepare them for it.

I know it is that time of the month when I start craving food like a thief. Everything that has f-o-o-d in it will start to interest me, this is of course not the dreaded part.

What I don't like is being on the edge during this period, like you better not cross me because I can get mad for any slight thing. Little stuff will get on my nerves and it can be very annoying.

I have learned not to react to things that make me angry during these periods as I know I can overreact so when I'm on I just try to overlook things that will annoy me. This way I will not have to start apologizing after realizing I made mistakes.

My Remedy

For many years, my period will give me stomach cramps, and waist pain, in addition to mood swings. Until one day I met a woman who lectured me on the benefits of adding garlic to my meals or just swallowing some like a pill.

Before this, I hated the smell of garlic to my bones but when I gave it a thought, I weighed its benefits to its smell I ended up choosing the greater good hehe.

Ever since then, I do not feel menstrual pains anymore, and the waist pains have disappeared but I'm still left with mood swings when it's time. And for that, I make sure I watch my reactions to people around me or things that happen to me during that time of the month so that I don't end up always overacting.

IMG_20230314_110516_923~2.jpgThis Image is mine, I always make sure there is honey in one corner of my house.

Taking ginger tea with honey helps as well, it makes me active and makes the flow come very easy. During that time of the month, taking warm water has become my best friend. It helps as well with my stomach. Lastly, cutting out my sugary drinks intake works well with my body system.

Some people say when you start having kids, menstruation becomes less painful. I guess I will find out in the next few months when my period will resume after going on a breastfeeding break.

But hey, I enjoyed this break of mine, going through each month for the first time in many years of my life without this compulsory visitor feels like bliss. But then it is part of me as a woman I have to embrace.

This is my Menstrual story, what is yours? Care to share in the comment section. I would love to hear it.

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