Strange Skin Color In My Mirror ||| Med Hive Weekly Discussion Skin Health #1

Just imagine On waking up this morning I enter the bathroom and looked at the mirror side, instead of my brown skin, all of a sudden a white skin lady stirred right back at me.

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At first, I will try not to scream in other not to alert my family, then tried to remember who I was the previous night. The thought of what could have led to my now sudden skin color will be running through my mind. How to explain to hubby that I'm not some kind of a strange woman in our home? Heh heh, this will be hard at first but I'm pretty sure by the time I talk to him about most of our long time's discussions, things that only both of us knew about i might just be able to convince him I'm still the woman he married.

Then, the thought of my baby freaking out at first will come to mind, just yesterday I was in a salon to retouch and wash my hair, and after spending over an hour with the lady helping me to babysit him I got him back, during this time my hair has been scattered all over my face as my hairstylist was trying to dry it with comb and hair hand dryer.

On seeing that I had on a new different look, my baby busted with tears and it took me putting him on my back and petting him before he was calm. Now, I just imagine him seeing a whole different color if that will not scare him to cry out😂 if this happens, he is just a baby and with the power of breast milk invested in me within a few minutes he might just forget my previous look. What do babies know 😆 lol.

Our skin is our identity which can tell the history of our family, town, country, and region.

It is the largest organ in our body it is the protector of our internal organs. And for this, it needs to be taken care of.

There are some people out of ignorance that make use of harmful creams, soap, and products that will end up harming their skin in the long run in the name of toning their color from black to brown, white, or whatever skin color type they fancy.

I do tell people, mostly friends and family, whatever you think is harmful when you eat it is as well harmful to your skin beware of bleaching creams, most especially those that came with the name of organic cream as most of them contain harmful ingredients you know nothing about. While you are thinking, after all, it is an organic product.

Most Beautiful product sellers are guilty of abusing the name organic just to dump their product on unsuspected customers and before they know it the deed might be done.

I stay away from them, as most of them are unqualified and not trustworthy. I do tell people, for one to have good skin, it starts with eating a healthy balanced diet and not mostly depending on what you rub on the skin. A good investment in a good and balanced diet means a good investment in the skin.

In my experience, eating lots of fruits, drinking adequate water daily, not exposing ourselves to the hot sun, and eating a healthy balanced diet is a secret to beautiful and healthy skin.

In your country, how do you think having a different skin color would influence your access to health care?

Here In Nigeria 🇳🇬 it does not matter your skin color, just have your money and you can access our healthcare facility and services. The issue of skin color does not matter at all when it comes to accessing the health care system.

Does a different skin color change anything in your daily life or relationships?

For my hubby, I think we will be able to walk past the skin color thing, by the time we sit down, and talk about it we will find a way around it. Also, it will affect my credentials, those that have a passport, then I will have to find a way to upgrade them to carry my new skin color. Aside from these, people will adjust to the new me accordingly with time.

This is my entry into this week Med-hive weekly discussion; skin health #1 answering the following questions.

You look into the mirror and your skin color is different. What are your first thoughts?

In your country, how do you think having a different skin color would influence your access to health care?

Does a different skin color change anything in your daily life or relationships?

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