Menstrual cramps! How I have been coping

Women face so many challenges in life, that is why they deserve much care and love.
As a woman grows older so her health system keeps depreciating and so she deserves more medical attention.
Menstrual cramps has been one of the challenges most women face today unfortunately am a victim of this situation, so this is a true life story.

What is menstrual cramps

This is simply the pain a woman feels on her lower abdomen while seeing her Monthly menstruation which occurs every 28 -30 days of her body circle.

My menstrual cramps story.

I started seeing my menstruation when I turned 18 and at the unset there was nothing like menstrual cramps, immediately I turned 20 my menstruation become something I never want to see because of the pains that comes alongside it.
Firstly the pain was just for the first day of my period but gradually it increased to the second and third day.

Honestly those two days I won't be able to attend to anything else, I will keep and crying and rolling on the floor, I won't be able to have any food or water, it's not a good experience at all .

How I managed the pain

As a nurse I knew some analgesics I always use to calm the pain, most times I take hot water just to help see if the pains will reduce.
But as I grew older the situation got worse so I decided to go to see a gynecologist and after series of test and scan it was discovered that I have endometriosis and that is the reason why the pain keeps on increasing and doesn't go down no matter what I take.

Endometriosis is a situation where the endometrium walls find itself outside the uterus and every month those walls shades out and that is what is called menstruation 🩸 so this endometrium walls or lining outside the womb will as well want to shade off but no way and that is why the pain is always more painful than usual.

I have been battling with this situation for as long as I have been seeing my menstruation which is more than 19 years now and it has not been easy.
I have a few tips that helps me to cope with the challenge.

  • I always engage in exercise.
  • I always mind my food and make sure I take more veggies and fruits I avoid surgery food, I avoid so much carbohydrates and eat more fish and nuts.
  • I also try as much as I can to take of my mind.
  • Then finally I use so strong pain killers hourly just to subside the pains and then I am working on going for a surgery so as to have a permanent cure

In all the few days am not in pain I make sure that am happy, I also try to put smile on other peoples face that has helped me to forget my challenges.

Thank you all for stopping by.

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