My Introduction Blog

Hi everybody! I'm the lego master!

My whole life I always wanted the cool lego dragon! The fun of legos has begun. I build the coolest legos like dinosaurs, snow monsters, and little dragons. I just like building legos don't you?

My mom is @crosheille and she is helping me learn to blog. I took my own photos but my mom edited them for me. I joined because I want to make friends with you guys and learn how to write better. I also want to share my monster drawings with you.

My sister @duel-master has also started to blog too. My other siblings are too young to be here so it will be me and my sister for now. I think I will like it here, Hive seems to be a cool place for kids. Well, I like Hive because I like showing people my stuff and making friends that also build legos and love legos like I do.


This photo is a lego dragon I built. The reason I added red eyes and sharp teeth is to make it look fierce and scary. I think it looks scary do you? So I hope that you guys like my creation.

Here is another side of him...


This is the other side of my dragon, he is a mega dragon who lives in a forest. His favorite food is dragoberry and fish nuggets. But he can't stand eels or seaweed. Did you notice his picture next to my hive name?


Now moving on to my YU-GI-OH! Cards.

I battle my brother and sister and I trade cards for better ones that I need. There are tournaments and if you lose the tournament then you have to give a card to the enemy. This card game is so much fun if we play the right move!

Lubellion The Searing Dragon is my favorite card because it is more powerful than the rest! As I told you my sister's hive name is @duel-master because she is into YU-GI-OH! very much 😆! I also play Pokemon with my friends and siblings.

Well, I guess this wraps things up 👏! Thank you for reading and visiting my post. I would like to thank @livinguktaiwan for helping me start my hive account.

I took all of the photos you see but my mom edited them for me. I hope you enjoyed them all!

See ya next time!

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