Hive stock images || The beauty of the insects Amata huebneri!!

Several times I have realized my dream of becoming a photography professional, but have not fully mastered the knowledge. I really enjoy the beauty of the universe. There are so many things I can find in the corners of the session that I choose to get really pretty pictures. In this excellent photo I took a cute shot of Amata hubeneri, this incredibly beautiful insect has an ideal body and is black and orange like soft jaguar fur.

The specialty of the Amata Hubeneri insect is that it has soft fur types and bright colors, as well as lengthens the eyes when seeing its beauty.

Enjoy a combination of beautiful close-up on a stick.







Focus on nature objects, beautiful.!!!

Xiaomi prada f / 2.2 1/141 sec 366 mm ISO 100

All of my photos are taken with a smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

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  • Location : Indonesian Aceh
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